Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, is your usual Valentine’s Day date include dressing up and going to a fancy restaurant? This Valentine’s Day is no different from the holidays of 2020. As important as it is to stay safe and healthy, it is also important to create joy in the moment. So here is a list of ideas that you can steal to make Valentine’s Day 2021 a day to remember. 

Dinner Ideas

If you know one thing about me, it is that I never miss out on the chance for a good meal. In my mind I think a date includes at least an ice cream run, if not at least a meal. Here are a few ideas because you have to eat at some point!

Cook a new meal together. 

This one might take a little bit of planning, but could be fun if you both like to cook. Come up with different recipes and create a meal together! Or maybe decide who is in charge of the appetizer, main course, dessert, and cocktail and surprise each other with what you came up with. 

Or maybe just order takeout?

Not a fan of cooking? Tons of restaurants are still doing takeout and delivery and will probably have specials for Valentine’s Day. Pick your all time favorite place or try something new together!

Bake Off!

Both you and your significant other are competitive and love to have a little challenge? Pick a dessert that neither of you have made before or use your best recipes to see who is the best chef in the house. 


Ok, now that you have been fed, let’s find something fun to do! 

Spa Night

Why not have a relaxing night in? Get some face masks, good wine, and some of your favorite movies and enjoy pampering the two of you (Or make this a Galentine’s movie marathon and spend it with your friends!)

Paint Off!

Pinterest is a great place for inspiration to look up DIY crafts and projects. Find something that you both would like to do and make it a date! I love the idea of painting a portrait of each other. It’s sweet and sure to bring on some laughs if you are not the next van Gough.

Learn a dance together.

In high school my husband and I would watch YouTube videos of swing dancing and would learn a little bit at a time. It was fun to learn something that neither of us knew how to do and it is still one of my favorite memories from high school. Whether you are learning a Tik Tok dance or how to be thrown in the air like in Dirty Dancing, learning something new together can be a great time.

Build a fort and have a movie marathon.

I am all for a good movie marathon and with all of the streaming services available, you honestly have every movie at your fingertips. Gather all of the blankets and pillows in the house and create the best fort you can. 

Go on a hike.

Warm enough to go outside? Go for a hike and go exploring! My husband and I did this for Christmas a couple of years ago. I had to work a few hours on Christmas Day so we didn’t go visit family. It was warm enough that we went to Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area and we were the only ones there. We got turned around a few times, but it was nice to hit pause for a couple of hours and get out of the city.