Another popular question I get when clients book a session is how to pose during the session! One of the benefits of going through a professional photographer is that they will be there to go through poses and prompts to help pose you in a flattering way.

Here are a few more tips to get familiar with before your next session. 


This is advice that I give everyone before any session, not just boudoir. You can tell when a smile is forced and when it is not. Overall the goal is to be relaxed and enjoy the session. So if you feel stressed or nervous, just take a deep breath. It’s all ok. Do a little dance to get the nerves out of your system! If it helps, I will tell a terrible dad joke that you will hopefully find funny.

Also, don't be afraid to communicate what you like about yourself and things that you might not want to be the main thing to focus on in the photos. If you aren't the biggest fan of the tummy you have, we can do poses that won't make it the first thing you see.

Look For Inspiration

Everyone walks into any session with some idea on how they want their photos to look like. Pinterest is a great spot to get inspiration and can even help with posing ideas- I should know, I use it all of the time! I even have a board that I save inspiration photos for just for boudoir clients. Seriously, go check it out! Bring a few screenshots on your phone and let me know that you want photos inspired by them. That will help give us a place to start and we can take it from there. 

Practice In The Mirror

This might feel a little awkward, but use the Pinterest inspiration and practice in the mirror! This might help you visualize how to pose in the session or even know what you would want to avoid. We all have those areas that we love and that we wish we could just ignore. Photography is all about the angles, so practice angling your body. One example is to make sure your arms aren’t pushed against your body. If you rest your arms away from your body it will make them smaller compared to resting against your body. 

Sneak Peaks In The Session

Again, there is a reason you hire a professional photographer for your boudoir session. If I love a pose and think that you are gorgeous (let’s be honest, you are 100% of the time) I will show you what I just shot. If you don’t like it, we can tweak your stance to make it better.

Overall, my biggest piece of advice is to take a deep breath and to be in the moment. Forget about what you have to do afterwards or what you need to do for dinner tonight. This session is about loving your body in the moment and to embrace your imperfections. Regardless if this session is a present for a significant other or for yourself, this is the time to love yourself as you are. Because you are beautiful just the way you are.