We are almost there, just a couple more days until your boudoir session! Still unsure of how to prepare? Take a look at this check list to help you plan before and after your session.

Before you head to your session:

  • Stay hydrated (your skin will thank you)!
  • Get a good night sleep.
  • Wear baggy clothes to the session to avoid marks and lines on your skin.
  • Don’t wear the hair tie or watch, same reason as above.
  • Have a little go bag ready to go (outfits, make up, brush, hair spray for touch ups)
  • Remember your boudoir packet (I will email it to you if you have scheduled a session)

Afterward your session:

  • Check out your goody bag! It will be full of treats from other businesses. 
  • Follow me on social if you haven't already and go ahead and check out the other businesses on social media!
  • Leave a review (If you feel like it). Recommendations help small businesses like mine so it would mean the world to me.
  • Make sure your email notifications are turned on! (I will email you when it’s time to pick out your final photos)
  • I will announce the winner of the raffle basket on Facebook live on Saturday night at 6 pm, so keep an eye out for that!