I am so excited to prepare for the Be You Be True Boudoir Marathon in January! I hosted this event last January right before the shut down and I loved every minute of it. For the 2021 marathon, we will be in Springfield, MO on January 22nd and 23rd! 

Boudoir photography has easily become my favorite form of photography. I am a firm believer that self-love does not happen overnight but it is so rewarding. And I think loving your body is so important for your mental health. Personally, I am not where I want to be in terms of loving all of my rolls, curves, and stretch marks (I like to refer to them as tiger stripes because that just sounds cooler) but I am more accepting and less critical than I was even a year ago. Though you might be interested in this session for a significant other, I think every woman should do boudoir at least once just for herself. I love watching a client who is nervous at the beginning of the session start to relax and have fun by the end of it. And I can't help my excitement seeing the love a client feels for herself when she sees the final product.

This year is going to be a little different for several reasons, COVID-19 the main reason. I am scheduling clients throughout that Friday and Saturday with plenty of time between for me to sanitize and clean up. You will need to wear a mask whenever you are not posing during your session as I will be wearing my mask the entire time. I will also provide hand sanitizer for you if needed. Saturday might fill up first so I recommend that you book your session soon, or if you have Friday available that day will have the most flexibility.

Another change to this year is that I am offering a FREE little black book with my Simply Desirable and Soulmate packages. This hardback book will be filled with 24 of your favorite photos from the session and will be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift! I am so excited for this, I even have a sample book that I will bring so you can get an idea of what you will be getting. 

And the final change that I am bringing to this year’s marathon…. We are bringing in a little community love! I am a big believer in supporting one another and shopping local. This year has been hard for many people, and small businesses haven’t had it easy. I have found some amazing woman-owned businesses in Missouri and we are creating a one-of-a-kind raffle basket! This will include goods and services from all of these wonderful businesses and I can’t wait to announce what will be included in the basket! I am also planning for every client to take home a goody bag- but you will have to wait for your session to know what is in it. ;) 

How do you get a chance to win it? The package you purchase will determine how many times your name will be entered in the raffle! 

Throughout the next month I will be posting more posts focusing on the boudoir marathon. If there are any topics you want to hear about, send me an email or drop a comment below!