It feels like I was just preparing for the 2021 Senior Rep Team, now I get to start working on the 2022 application. Senior sessions are always a favorite of mine, it’s a way to celebrate all that you have worked towards in school and to welcome the next chapter of your life. 

Interested in being a part of the senior rep team? You just need to be a graduating senior in the Kansas City area and fill out the application and questionnaire. The application and questionnaire need to be completed by April 20th, I will announce the five senior representatives shortly afterwards. 

Each senior rep will get two one-hour sessions (worth $400), 20 referral cards, discounted sessions for homecoming and prom, and the opportunity for more sessions during the year. One session will need to be scheduled before August 10, 2021 and then the other session can be scheduled any time during the school year. 

Ready to get started? Head on over to the questionnaire and application and get started! Feel free to share this with your favorite 2022 senior!