Another year, another recap! This year has been a whirlwind of change and leaning into the new. Back in April, my husband and I moved from Springfield, MO to our hometown south of Kansas City. We both found careers that fulfill us and are excited to see what the new year brings. 

In May, I photographed my first professional wedding and fell in love with the whole process. Weddings have pushed me to continue with my education on editing, posing, and camera settings. I even learned how to use an external flash!

During the summer I stayed busy with my senior rep team. In July, the husband and I even took a road trip to Virginia and Kentucky to visit friends. Then it was back to senior sessions and weddings. The husband started second shooting for me during weddings and it has been so much fun to share this passion of mine with him.

I always enjoy taking a look at my goals for the last year to see where I ended up. 

Have 50 sessions this year. 


This was a goal that I had for 2020 and then we all got to learn how fun social distancing and quarantining are. Told myself that it was ok, just move it on and focus on next year. I was so close to making this goal in 2021! I’m still not upset; I have focused on growing my clientele up in KC and getting settled in.  

Start blogging & post once a week.


Ha, this one may have stopped once the move happened. I am not going to beat myself up over it. I would rather only have a few quality blog posts than a lot of fluff. 

Get two clients from Instagram.


I did get one client through Instagram this past year. To be a fly on the wall that day would have been fun, I was so excited and I’m pretty sure I scared my husband as I had let out a squeal. I have worked hard to grow my presence on Instagram, and I hope it continues to grow during 2022.


I don’t know if I had a motto for 2021, but it was definitely a year of growth. I am happy with how the year turned out and am just as motivated for all of our adventures in 2022.