It’s finally here, 2021 is almost here. This year has been crazy for every single person and I know we all are ready for the New Year. 

I love New Years, I think it is a great time to reflect on the last twelve months and to see if there are any spots in my life and my business that I want to grow in. I use the time between Christmas and New Years to reflect on the past year and to plan for the year I want in 2021. It is also a great time to make goals that I can track throughout the year to see if I have any progress. 

Let’s take a look to see what progress I actually made.

The Senior Rep Team has five representatives: I actually had seven senior reps this year and I loved every minute of this. I got to meet some amazing college and high school seniors who are ready to take on the world. I can’t wait to do another senior rep team for 2022. 

Have 50 sessions in 2020: This was going to be a lofty goal before pandemic was a word in my daily vocab, but I didn’t care. I am in awe of the photographers who have over 100 sessions a year, and I know many photographers do way more than that. This was the one goal I wanted to accomplish and I had to remind myself that it is ok to not reach goals. 

Grow my follower base to 200 on Instagram: This one I did actually make. As of today, I have 265 followers on Instagram. 

Grow my follower base to 600 on Facebook: Yeah… I did not get this goal either. But 520 on Facebook is not bad. Over this year I have realized that it is ok to not have 1,000 followers. Yeah that would be great, but followers don’t guarantee bookings and and new clients. I just need to focus on what I put out on social media to attract the type of client that I want and not try to please everyone. 

Find my Editing Style: When I first started in 2018, I said that I wouldn’t have a style and that every session is different… Well yeah that went out the window. I love staying true to color, but I have noticed that I love the lighter airier style. I know my style will continue to evolve but it is a base to work off of. 

I think my motto for the year was “Deep breathe, everything is ok”. My husband told me this, friends and family told me this, I even told myself this. I honestly could get this tattooed on myself because I say it to myself constantly. Especially after this year, I am learning that growth takes time and sometimes longer than a year.  So here’s to 2021 and learning to breathe.